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We are very excited to introduce the forming of The Martin House GroupTM, a business platform providing the opportunity for 99 like-minded individuals to jointly participate in projects to commercialize intellectual property, inventions and innovations in the world's marketplace.

Successful Commercialization

The Martin House GroupTM is designed to support the commercialization process. First, the Advisory Board evaluates potential inventions and selects those with excellent potential in the marketplace. Once development of a given project is complete, the Martin House GroupŠ Fund serves as collateral, enabling the company to borrow the operating funds necessary for production. At time of this publication our advisory board has a backlog of approximately 100 new projects pending review. We expect approximately 350 to 400 new projects to be reviewed on annual basis. Approximately 10 to 12 of those are expected to be approved for commercialization on annual basis.

Group Members Policies and Procedures

This business opportunity is for those with the capacity to make financial commitments from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $249,000 per group member. The fund holds each member's contribution in FDIC Bank CD's for five years. At that point the group member may choose whether to withdraw or re-commit the money. The Martin House GroupTM cannot have more than 99 members. Vallmar Studios, LLC intends to maintain a 51% funding commitment in all projects. Any profits resulting from successful commercialization are distributed to Martin House GroupŠ members in proportion to the size of their funding commitment.

Group Members Benefits and Guarantees

  • The Martin House Group™ members may share parts of several companies that may be valued up to the $10 to $50 million dollar range. Included are the three new businesses for Scan2Know™, BactiQuest™ and SHOTSTOP™ companies. Preliminary information is available at our official website Executive business summaries are available up-on request.
  • Members will at least receive discounts for professional services and materials up to $5,000 in value. Please request a copy of the Vallmar Studios Project Management Form for additional detail.
  • Members possibly will receive a return of the initial membership contribution on the fifth anniversary because the funds are only being used as collateral to obtain loans for the commercialization of projects.
  • In addition, members will receive 10% interest for the 5 years (2% per year) payable on equal semiannual installments. For example; a $10K membership will receive $100.00 interest payment every 6 months for a total of $1000.00 interest for the 5 years commitment.
  • In the unlikely event that the Martin House Group suffers a catastrophic and destructive business conditions, the group will have the option to capitalize on the Intellectual Property holdings by dependable methods of appraisal for IP rights and using the same criteria that the IRS uses to qualify tax deductions taken on Research and Experimentation for similar properties.